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Cerebral Palsy Case Study

by Liz James - 8th January 2010


Nathan is a delightful 5 ˝ year-old boy who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at around 6 months old.


Nathan gets himself around primarily by crawling which he manages very well, also being able to roll himself over on the floor.  He presents with decreased core stability causing a general flexed upper body whilst sitting and walking (in his K-walker).  He has an unbalanced gait pattern with reduced muscle tone in his lower limbs.  A reduction in muscle tone is also apparent in his upper limbs in particular his right “sleepy” hand, affecting his grasping and gripping activities.


Liz has been giving Nathan regular treatments using both the Bowen and Emmett Techniques since August 2009.  Immediately following his very first session Nathan’s legs were straighter, his mother and grandparents noticed his balance had begun to improve and he was trying more frequently to use his right “sleepy” hand.


Now after 9 sessions Nathan’s progress is quite noticeable. These are the great achievements to date:


  • Better hip extension improving high kneeling ability

  • Improved position in his 4-point kneeling, more upright when sitting back on his buttocks

  • Now able to kneel up whilst simultaneously clapping his hands above his head

  • Continual improvement in core stability, balance and posture

  • Walking better in his K-walker, raising his knees higher

  • Improved foot flexion

  • Improved body alignment - very straight legs when lying down

  • Increased usage of his right “sleepy” hand with easier ability grasping and gripping items with his fingers


Nathan’s family and friends are amazed at the difference they see.  His grandmother states: “It is so wonderful watching Nathan’s confidence growing in between Liz’s treatments.  His progression is rapidly spurring him on and he is now trying that much harder.  The easier the actions become, the more he wants to do them, e.g. standing up from a knelt position, leaning against a chair, sofa or table.  In recent weeks, Nathan has been constantly requesting to walk, either with assistance or in his K-walker and he now takes great delight in side stepping around my dining room table with no assistance at all.  The words ‘I can’t’ are a thing of the past which is just lovely!  Nathan attends Three Ways School where he has always had regular physiotherapy.  Botox injections were administered in his feet in August 2008 and 2009.  However, the changes in his functional abilities have been most rapid since receiving the Bowen and Emmett work.

I am so looking forward to the day I see him walk unaided - I am sure it will happen……..”


Nathan’s grandmother, Lynne, did the Emm-Tech course with Liz in 2009 and administers some of the muscle releases on Nathan when able.  Her “tool box of moves” has also been useful for Nathan’s younger brother who has respiratory problems.


Two photos showing Nathan's posture and useless "sleepy" hand before receiving any Bowen/Emmett treatment.

Increased usage of a not so "sleepy" hand (Dec 2009)

Now able to stand on his own with support

of a table or chair (Jan 2010)

Eager to practice walking around the table

(Jan 2010)


showing Nathan's improved posture,

new core strength, stability and balance

(Feb 2010)

Nathan enjoying his new grasping and

gripping abilities (Feb 2010)



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