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        Paulton Rovers Football Club – "Living the Dream" - Nov 2009 (back)


Paulton Rovers Football Club – "Living the Dream"



Liz's home village of Paulton in Somerset came to a standstill on Saturday November 7th 2009 when Paulton Rovers played their biggest match in their 128-year history taking on Norwich City in the FA Cup.  Tucked away down hedge-lined roads so narrow cars have to slow to pass one another, Paulton is an old mining village in the Mendip foothills populated by just under 5,000. The historic occasion at Winterfield Road (with a crowd of over 2,000 including Sir Trevor Brooking and celebrity chef Delia Smith) was broadcast live to a national television audience.


The week leading up to the big day saw the small, non-league, village team (five divisions beneath Norwich City) struggling with various injuries.  Manager, Andy Jones talked to Geraint Tucker, reporter of the Somerset Guardian: "Paulton hope to go into the match with an injury-free squad, thanks in no small part to the help of Liz James from Paulton's Body in Balance Therapies.  Liz has volunteered her services to the club and spent a lot of time with us".


Article from Midsomer Norton, Radstock & District Journal 12th November 2009


Local Therapist Helped Players


With the club's floodlights visible from her Paulton-based clinic and having known Manager, Andy Jones, for almost 30 years, complementary therapist, Liz James, was only too happy to assist players of PRFC with their injuries and health/fitness issues prior to their big match.


Using the gentle Emmett and Bowen Techniques, Liz corrected body alignment and released muscle tightness, resulting in improved ranges of movement and relief from pain and discomfort.


Liz's high dose nutritional supplements proved a godsend for defender, Alex Ball, who was suffering flu-like symptoms just three days before the game. 

"Liz helped me recover from my illness during the week, the supplements and advice given boosted my immune system, making me feel so much better, enabling me to perform on the day".


Following the match, 18 year-old midfielder/striker, Ben Lacey, thanked her:  "I know I would have really struggled to play in all the pain I was experiencing at the beginning of the week.  Liz's treatments relieved a high percentage of my discomfort – I couldn't have done it without all her help".



Unfortunately Norwich showed their class to deny Paulton's hopes into the next round but what a fantastic achievement getting to this stage.  An unforgettable day was had by all.


Liz says "I will certainly never forget this week's experience "Living the Dream" with Paulton Rovers Football Club.  I feel very privileged to have been involved with such a genuine bunch of lads and will treasure the enjoyable memories.  Who knows what might be accomplished next year!"




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