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Bowen / Emmett Testimonials

I think Body in Balance is brilliant!!


Until you have tried it you are really missing out. I had suffered neck problems for years and received physiotherapy which hadn't been successful. Liz was recommended by a friend. Although at first I was apprehensive I soon discovered such faith in a treatment so gentle. The whole procedure was very relaxing, my neck problem disappeared and I generally felt more alive. I still visit Liz 3-4 times a year for a maintenance/top-up treatment which re-energises me and makes me feel even better. I would thoroughly recommend Body in Balance to anyone.


SP (Retired Carer) Midsomer Norton


I have suffered with knee pain for many years but this is now rapidly improving following a few Bowen and Emmett treatments.  Liz also gave me dietary advice to assist.  I was very impressed with Liz's knowledge, she definitely knows what she is doing in her role.  I will not hesitate in contacting her again if I am in need.
KA Bristol



I am a full-time horse-riding instructor and stable hand so it is vital that I keep fit for work.  I had been suffering with an ongoing back problem for a good few years with chiropractic treatment not getting to the root of the pain.


In September 2009 whilst at the stables my back completely seized.  I couldn't move and the pain was agonizing.  Liz was contacted and fortunately she was able to get to the stables within half an hour.  She administered what she called a "first aid" treatment to ease pain and give me the mobility to get home.  Over the next few days the discomfort reduced considerably.  I then visited Liz at her clinic for my next treatment (4 days later).  I was a little concerned as I was due to compete in a cross-country competition in another 5 days and really didn't want to pull out.  After Liz's second treatment I amazingly completed the course pain-free, galloping and clearing 22 jumps!!  With just a little short-lived stiffness the following day I really couldn't believe it.


I would definitely recommend treatment from Liz - the rapid benefits are quite incredible.


F Hunter (Horse Riding Instructor) near Bath



Following a serious motorbike accident and a torn knee meniscus operation I was often in pain in my back neck and right shoulder. I went to my local GP who gave me pain killers which treated the symptoms but not the root cause. I came to hear of Liz and thought I would give her a try. Following the first session I was very aware I was walking without favouring my left leg as I have for over a year and the pain and constant clicking in my neck were massively reduced. Following the second session I am now completely pain free in my right shoulder for the first time in 18 months. I am a well educated manager in the UK's biggest Bank, I have qualifications in Biology and Physics. For any sceptics out there don\'t hesitate, go and see Liz, there is no denying the incredible results I have had. Liz is very friendly and welcoming and has a very relaxed nature. Thanks for making such a massive difference to my quality of life Liz.

JT (IT Service Manager) Paulton



At the age of 18 having the opportunity to play in the first proper round of the FA Cup was fantastic but I was so concerned I wouldn't be fit enough to play on the day.

I know I would have really struggled to play in all the pain I was experiencing at the beginning of the week.  Liz's treatments relieved a high percentage of my discomfort and I managed to play the whole match – I couldn't have done it without all her help.  Thank you so much.


Ben Lacey (Midfielder/Striker, Paulton Rovers Football Club)



Just writing to say thank you for your help with my injury that i've had for about a year i've tried a few different treatments. i've really benefited from your treatment, it has cured the injury. I will be coming back to see you if i ever have any trouble again.
Thank you again


Stuart Tovey (Defender, Paulton Rovers Football Club)



After giving birth to my daughter, 2 years ago, I had suffered with a lot of lower back pain. I decided to seek treatment from Liz James.  During the first visit she "diagnosed" that my pelvis was out of alignment, and an appropriate treatment given.   All I needed was one further visit for Liz to treat me using the Bowen and Emmett techniques, after this second visit the pain completely disappeared and has not returned. (I write this a year later). I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment and I found Liz to be very understanding, competent and very confident in her role.  

S Dix (Midsomer Norton)



I had recently injured my back and had always suffered with my knees. After many visits to the doctor and hours spent with a physiotherapist, my knees were still painful. A friend recommended Bowen and I went for an appointment with Liz. From the initial consultation Liz was able to determine that my pelvis was incorrectly aligned and by using a combination of Bowen and Emmett treatments, she worked her magic. I was amazed with the results and completely relieved with the outcome. I returned to Liz for a further two visits, after which both my back and knees were completely pain free. I suffered years with painful knees and due to this treatment I have been able to return to an exercise plan.  To this day (10 months on) my knees have been ok. Liz also recommended a change in lifestyle by including Pilate's classes which will maintain good posture and help support my back. I will always be grateful to Liz for helping me be pain free again and I totally recommend her treatments.

Mrs White (Midsomer Norton)



I had suffered with tinnitus and nasal problems for 18 months.  After just 2 combined Bowen & Emmett treatments, I could not believe how much the symptoms had subsided and how much better I felt.  Thanks Liz from a new man! R Jones (Midsomer Norton)


I first consulted Liz James, practitioner of the Bowen and Emmett Techniques, because she had been recommended to me. The treatment she gave me was excellent with positive results and I have since recommended her and these techniques to others.

C M (Bath)



I suffered with back pain for 30 years but am now pain-free thanks to Liz James and the Bowen Technique!  Over the years, countless visits to osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors provided some relief but only short-term.  However, just a few Bowen treatments were needed to get to the root of my problem and give me long-term relief from pain.  I would highly recommend this technique to anyone with a chronic back problem.
Clive Rowlett (Gym Proprietor), High Energy Fitness Studio Ltd, Midsomer Norton.



Nutritional Therapy Testimonials

"In February 2010 I contacted Liz as I was having trouble stabilizing my blood sugar and having adverse reactions to my medication for Diabetes.


Before my initial consultation Liz analysed my food diary and questionnaire she had asked me to complete. During our meeting she explained that I had been eating the wrong types and wrong combinations of foods all of which were not helping the Diabetes. She then went on to giving me guidelines of when and what to eat in the form of menu ideas and recipes and a very useful information pack. I came away with a lot more knowledge about Diabetes, blood sugar and what was happening in my body.


Liz has been supporting me ever since February and to date (Aug 2010) I have lost more than 2 stones in weight and not taking any medication at all now.


So, it's thanks to Liz that I now feel and look so much better and have much more energy than I had before."

LP Radstock



"After just 4 weeks of eating differently I had increased energy, improved mood and I noticed a healthy glow to my skin.  After 8 weeks my hair and nails were in great condition and my muscle aches and pains had disappeared." 

JB Bristol



"As a keen sportsman I noticed a considerable improvement in my sports performance after just a few weeks of following my nutritional programme.  I generally feel fitter and stronger and my energy levels continue to increase." 

MC Bath



"I have been so thrilled with my steady weight loss since embarking on the Nutritional plan with Body in Balance Therapies.  I now have a much better understanding of the body and what factors influence my health.  My hormones are much more balanced now as PMT symptoms have reduced to next to nothing.  This is the best I've felt in years – thank you so much." 

JC Bath



"You are the only person to have listened to me in 10 years! Although I have a long way to go before I am rid of all my gut problems I now know what has caused all my ill health and feel I am on the right path at last.  I am eternally grateful for all your dedication, ongoing support and care."  

CB  Midsomer Norton



Liz's high dose nutritional supplements proved a godsend for me in November 2009.  I am a defender playing for Paulton Rovers Football Club.  We were due to play Norwich City in the first proper round of the FA Cup and I had flu-like symptoms 3 days beforehand.  Liz helped me quickly recover from my illness.  The supplements and advice given boosted my immune system, making me feel so much better, enabling me to perform on the day.


Alex Ball (Defender, Paulton Rovers Football Club)



Emm-Tech Testimonials

I attended an Emm-Tech coaches and trainers course hosted by Liz James on the 18th October 2008.

I had been a recipient of the Emmett Technique in the past and personally found it extremely successful.

As a gym owner, I found the course very instructive and interesting.  Since attending the course I have used Emm-Tech on numerous occasions on my customers as an aid to their range of movement and to alleviate some muscle problems.

I have been amazed at how beneficial Emm-Tech has been.
Clive Rowlett (Gym Proprietor), High Energy Fitness Studio Ltd, Midsomer Norton.



Having undertaken the Emm-Tech course I have been able to use my new skills to firstly relieve my own personal pain – with exceptional results and also to help others.  I had a knee operation to remove some torn cartilage after which I experienced pain if twisting my leg accidentally or moving too quickly.  With Emm-Tech I have been able to keep very mobile and relieve the discomfort very effectively. The benefits from the work are felt immediate!


I have also been able to assist my husband with shoulder pain and my friend with a leg and back problem.


Emm-Tech is excellent and I would most certainly promote it wholeheartedly.

Linda H. (Retired Teacher/Assessor), Wiltshire, UK



Many thanks for presenting a brilliant course over 2 weekends.  I was rather sceptical at first but soon changed my mind!  I was able to ease the pain in a friend's ankle and give him more mobility in his neck the same day and when I used the technique on a PT client she had much more mobility in her shoulder which had been operated on and a lot more strength.  I would certainly recommend your course for anyone who is a Personal Trainer.


Teresa (Personal Trainer & Gym Instructor), Somerset



I first heard about the Emmett Technique through an article in my local paper.  I was very interested as it was about doing a course in muscle management.  After phoning Liz, I arranged to have a full treatment session, to find out more, as I have a condition which affects my muscles.


I was surprised by the outcome which gave me more flexibility in my neck and the pain across my shoulders eased considerably.  My husband was impressed with the benefits and suggested we both enrol on the Emm-Tech course.


The course was really interesting and informative with Liz helping us all.  She ensured we understood by demonstrating and explaining in detail throughout.


Since completing the course, I have used a lot of Emm-Tech to help friends and family with different problems.  Twice helping people with breathing problems, one of whom improved instantly the other a more gradual change was experienced.  I have also assisted people with neck and shoulder restriction, (with quite noticeable improvement), and to reduce pain and swelling in the lower leg.


I will continue using what I have learnt whenever possible as I have seen how people are so amazed at the difference in their condition by something which is done with such gentle pressure.  I can even do some of the Emm-Tech on myself with my husband treating the areas I cannot reach!


I would definitely encourage anyone who is thinking about doing the Emm-Tech course to do so.


Lynne B, Somerset



After personally receiving successful Emmett Treatment I was intrigued by how the technique worked. When given the opportunity to participate in an Emm-Tech short General Carers' course I decided to go for it! I found the course interesting and easy to follow as the tutor went into great detail and had lots of patience. Since doing the course I have found it very useful not only to use on members of my family but for my own personal use.

Nadine T, near Bath



I have really enjoyed learning Emm-Tech which has enabled me to help and relieve other people's discomfort.  It has also improved my own mobility.  The results are instant without being invasive.


MC (Retired Carer), Somerset



I really enjoyed the course and just the benefit of my hand feeling so much better after receiving the Forearm Procedure was worth the fee alone! Thanks again.


D McGlennon (Tae Kwon Do Instructor), Somerset


I have been a bodywork therapist for the last 20 years and I am always pleased to learn any new TRULY HELPFUL moves which will enhance my work.  A well run, well instructed, useful and informative course with good group dynamics.   Very enjoyable. 

GS (Therapist), Crewkerne



Emm-Tech has given me a few skills to enable me to help friends and family with general aches and pains.  I have also successfully alleviated my own discomfort when needed.  Liz is a natural teacher - the course was presented in an excellent manner to help students take on board the subject matter.  Thoroughly enjoyable and would recommend it to anyone.


Gary M (Engineer), near Bath



I am generally very interested in body health and methods/treatments to improve the body's efficiency..  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and truly amazed at how Emm-Tech works.  It was great to learn in such a small group, Liz is a brilliant tutor and all the people in the class were lovely. THANK YOU!

CS (Beautician), Bristol



I took the Emm-Tech course to enhance my current therapy work and to also keep myself in good condition for treating my clients.  I also ride so this work promotes better balance for both myself and my horses.

The course was full of interesting subtleties, especially the holding moves, facilitating release in muscles.  It was very well taught by Liz in an engaging, positive and energised way.

FW (Therapist), Andover, Wiltshire



A very well planned and well presented course with plenty of hands-on help.  I have found these new skills very useful in assisting my wife with her fibromyalgia symptoms.

DB (Mechanic), Bath



I was curious how I could use Emm-Tech alongside massage therapy.  The two work really well together and I have learnt a great deal more about the body too!  The time was very well used and Liz is an excellent teacher.


LC (Therapist), Bristol

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